2036: An exhibition and installation along with Garth Walker and Wilhelm Krüger at the Saint Étienne International Design Biennial in 2008. Working from the theme of Africa in 2036 (chosen by the festival as it is a twin calendar year of 2008), we show a hardcore futuristic Africa in all its glorious wretchedness. The work takes a cynical approach, engaging directly with what the three of us perceive will still be threats in 18 years' time: the spread of HIV/Aids, the never-ending war on terror, the hustling by the new political business elite, the self-perpetuating weapons trade and the neo-colonialist economic power of China and India.

We employed a number of fictional characters to visualise the politically incorrect narrative: Jabu Ndlovu, a young Zulu designer and disillusioned activist; the Betrayed Boer, a right-winger for whom everything went up in smoke; and the Cynical Columnist, a French African from Senegal living in France.

Reverse colonialism.
2036 Exhibition.